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Filey North Yorkshire

Filey is a small town between Scarborough and Bridlington, although it was once a small fishing village, it is now a large beach - and is a now a popular tourist resort.

Filey beach is one of the best beaches in the country for families – it’s so huge that, no matter how busy it gets, it’s never crowded. Close to the town you will never be short of a quick drink or something to eat.

The town too, is full of gentle pleasures, with its Edwardian architecture, quirky shops and intriguing museum. A wander around the town is a must.

Filey Beach & Shops

Filey Shops

Filey Shops - shopping in Filey can be a great experience with a whole range of shops, most of which are locally owned and run. You will find everything from toys to gifts, why not grab some sweets or handmade crafts to take home. Try some of the locally sourced food while you are out and about.

Filey Open Pool

Filey Open Air Pool

Filey Open Air Pool - is just the thing for small children, you can sit around the edges on the benches provided while your kids splash about in safety.

Filey Beach

Filey Beach

Filey Beach - seven miles of golden beach and voted one of the best beaches in the world. With a wide array of shops close by for those quick bites to eat, Filey beach is also seven miles long with ample room for your family to indulge in whatever you wish.

Filey Beach

Filey Brigg

Filey Brigg - is a long narrow peninsula situated about a mile north of Filey. The landward end of the peninsula of Filey Brigg is known as Carr Naze, whilst the long neck of rock at the seaward end is called the Brigg.

Filey Beach

Filey Town

Filey Town - is a coastal town located between Scarborough and Bridlington, once a small fishing village, now a popular tourist attraction n its own right. Filey can trace it’s origins back to Roman times the oldest building in Filey is now The 12th century parish church dedicated to St Oswald, today Filey is a goto place for familys who want a great traditional family holiday.

Holdsworths Amusements

Holdsworths Amusements

Holdsworth Amusements - represent good old fashioned fun at the seaside. A trip to the seaside would be not be the same without a little flutter on the machines.

Filey Dams Nature Reserve

Filey Dams Nature Reserve

Filey Dams Nature Reserve - is the last remaining freshwater marsh of any size in the area, Filey Dams is a magnet for migratory birds but is also a haven for plants, small mammals and amphibians.

Location Of The Park